Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shhhh! Don't tell Suzan! It's a surprise!

Multi Media from Stéphanie's Class for my friend Suzan

My dear friend Suzan was operated for a tumour in her head last Thursday. Fortunately, it was attached to her bone, rather than her brain. Everything went well, but it was very serious. She is recuperating well and we are waiting for the results of the tests to confirm it is benign. She has been my friend since we were 6 and she is more than a sister to me. She lives in Quebec city. I have been extremerly worried. I try to phone her everyday to cheer her up.

I enjoyed doing the mixed media so much and I realized I kept thinking of Suzan throughout the class. So I decided to stay during the afternoon at the Scrapbox to make her another piece with a picture from the wonderful cruise we took together in February, to remind her that we still have a lot of cruises and trips to take together. I hope she enjoys it and it helps keeping her positive while she recuperates.
I will take it to Purolator at noon tomorrow so that she receives it as soon as possible.
Suzan, I love you.
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  1. A beautiful gift for a beautiful friend :)

  2. Tellement beau Loulou!
    Je suis certaine qu'elle va l'adorer!
    Qu'elle beau cadeau que tu lui fait et je lui souhaite un prompt rétablissement!

  3. What a lovely gift!

    Congrats! You won my Copic blog giveaway. Please send me an e-mail with your address.

  4. Prayers for your girlfriend. Your gift truly expresses your deep friendship and she will definitely be touched.