Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3rd and last instalment of the Card avanlanche

Please go to the last 2 posts to see the rest.





Again, thanks for looking and sorry for the fuzzy pics!
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Continuation of Card avalanche

This is a continuation of the avalanche! I am so technically challenged that I can post only 4 pics per post. Please bear with me!





Thanks for looking
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Card Avalanche

I am really alive : 2 posts in 2 days....
As I mentioned in the previous post, I made about 200 Xmas cards this Fall because my sister-in-law and I wanted to participate to various Christmas Bazaars. Sales are so-so this year since people are afraid to go out because of H1N1 (it reminds me of the "One of a Kind Show" in Toronto, where Dave and I went to help my aunt, that year there was a strike of Toronto municipal employees and ...SARS - no crowds, unfortunately.....)
So here is a sample of my cards :





Thanks for looking
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kitchen - Before and after



Don't get a heart attack, I am still alive. I guess we were too busy with the move and scrapbooking, and making cards and trying to solve our house related problems. It was not easy, you have to hound those people, but we are slowly getting things done. We also started to like the house. At first, we were not too sure. The kitchen is getting there. The molding has to be repainted and 4 cupboard doors have a mind of their own and are warping... they will be replaced.
So this is the kitchen before and after. The before version had one advantage, my husband got used to where things were put away!I really like my after kitchen.
I won't make promises about posting, so I won't break them. To come : some of the 200Christmas cards I made for different Xmas sales (that's not going too well because there very little attendance on account of H1N1 - oh well), my December daily, etc.
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