Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extreme Gardening

We've had a lot of rain lately, like everywhere else I guess. I did not realise how wet my garden was until I decided to try to pull a weed that was a bit too far for my reach and set foot in the garden, and sunk into 7 inches of black mud! I had to ask for help as I was stuck there, sinking, trying to keep some kind of balance, with my other foot safely in the grass about four feet away. I just could not lift my foot. It had been swallowed by a sinking mud pit. I guess we were quite a sight as he tried to pull me out. Eventually, we heard a big smack and my foot came out, without my sandal. My knight in shining armour was so nice, he stuck his arm in the slimy pit to recover my sandal.Too bad, no camera or video, no proof! I guess the part he liked the most was when he hosed me down. I used to pay a lot of money for mud baths at the spa, now I just have to go roll in my garden!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Katie, this one is for you!

Right Now
Yes it's been forever. I guess I just did not have that much to say and I was figuring out a few things about life...
What am I doing right now : (idea taken from Krista Wells blog to get me to write something!)

listening: birds chirping in my back yard
eating: not hungry right now - yeah!
drinking: water
wearing: grey pants and pink T-shirt (Life is Good) - for sure!
feeling: happy Dave is coming back tonight - sad for those who have to wait for their honey to come back from their travels
weather: grey and warm - not raining right now
wanting: chips - I can even hear them calling my name from the store... oh my!
needing: time to finish my December Daily (so slow) and finish cleaning up my scrap room
thinking: about my friend who is sad
enjoying: a little reprieve from the pain thanks to Voltaren
wondering: what I’ll have for dinner tonight
counting : the tulips in my back yard = 11 and lots to come
hoping : the week-end will be nice
wishing : happy anniversary to my hubby - 7 years tomorrow
planning : to go back soon to a chick flick with my chicklets!

So there you go Katie, I BLOGGED!
Love you girly!