Thursday, May 19, 2011

Katie, this one is for you!

Right Now
Yes it's been forever. I guess I just did not have that much to say and I was figuring out a few things about life...
What am I doing right now : (idea taken from Krista Wells blog to get me to write something!)

listening: birds chirping in my back yard
eating: not hungry right now - yeah!
drinking: water
wearing: grey pants and pink T-shirt (Life is Good) - for sure!
feeling: happy Dave is coming back tonight - sad for those who have to wait for their honey to come back from their travels
weather: grey and warm - not raining right now
wanting: chips - I can even hear them calling my name from the store... oh my!
needing: time to finish my December Daily (so slow) and finish cleaning up my scrap room
thinking: about my friend who is sad
enjoying: a little reprieve from the pain thanks to Voltaren
wondering: what I’ll have for dinner tonight
counting : the tulips in my back yard = 11 and lots to come
hoping : the week-end will be nice
wishing : happy anniversary to my hubby - 7 years tomorrow
planning : to go back soon to a chick flick with my chicklets!

So there you go Katie, I BLOGGED!
Love you girly!


  1. yahoooooooooooooo! There you go :)

  2. Welcome back!!!!! big hugs and thanks for the thoughts. Love you xxoo