Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The move was totally HORRIBLE

The last few months during contruction were trying, but it was nothing compared to the first three days of last week. So much went wrong, it was unbelievable... I know it's normal for a new house, but I think we were cursed.
We are coping, but I am still frazzled and there is still some work to be redone on the house.

What went wrong?
These are just a few of the things that were discouraging:
Getting defective hardwood floors.
Getting the wrong color cupboards (when you paid thousands of dollars extra for the color) and when the company came to take them back to the shop they did not take the ones in the bathroom that were the same...
Getting yelled at by the builder just for mentioning said bathroom cupboards .
Getting the wrong outside French door that you paid for, and on top of that it’s crooked.
Getting the wrong keys to the house and realizing it around 7:00PM when everybody is gone home.
Getting a garden door that doesn’t stay locked.
Getting a garage door that doesn’t lock.
Getting a scratched front door.
Being obliged to deal with the builders’ notary who is late giving you an appointment, even if you called him a few times, (he finally called at 7:30 AM the day of the move!) And then, he has the wrong number but blames the bank
Having to pay a penalty because of that.
Having the bank blame the notary.
Having the notary ask you for $24 000 more than expected because he made a mistake.
Having to sign some preoccupation papers urgently when the moving van is waiting at the door of the new house otherwise they will not let us in (all this because of said notary).
Getting the movers to bring a couch from Toronto that can’t fit in the stairs and that has to be stored in the garage.
Having a heirloom piece of furniture that can’t fit in the stairs and having to store it in said garage.
Getting a flood on the hardwood flors in the former home on the last day it was legally ours....

I was so overwhelmed, frazzled and it was such a major change of scenery that the first time I watched TV, I was surprised we had the news from the Ottawa area at the new house (which is still in Gatineau...) I guess that, mentally, I was travelling abroad!
Now if I can get a few good nights of sleep I will be able to turn the page and look ahead to enjoy the place