Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have been “TWILIGHTED”!

What is it about those books and that movie?
Being curious, I rented the movie and I liked it. Then Bella (aka Stepahnie) told me she was reading the books and that it was WAY better than the movie and that’s why she was MIA. But she wanted to read them again in English... Mmmmm... When I visited Kathy in New York State April, I noticed the entire collection in her daughter’s bedroom that we were using. So we called Kelly at college to ask if I could borrow them. "Yes as long as you don’t leave any boogers in them!". Don’t worry Kelly, I have no plans to do that! And the rest is history. I am hooked. I am now an addict. I read the 4 books within a month (only at night before falling asleep). When I closed the last one, I just started reading the series again. OK What is the matter with me? I don’t read romance novels. I don’t read vampire novels. It takes me years to re-read a book. Isn’t 52 a bit old for teenager literature? Well, I don’t have to wonder about my immaturity level anymore!
And I am not the only one. I spoke to friends who were as or more addicted than me : watching the movie three times in a row, buying the kind of magazine you guiltily read from the corner of your eye while waiting at the cash at the grocery store, roaming the Internet to catch a glimpse of the trailer of the next instalment, or find out if the author is planning a fifth book.... What has happened to us? It is quite a phenomenom....
I can’t wait for the new movie : November 20th. Normally, I never know when a new movie is coming out. I guess I have simply been "Twilighted"!
I am thinking of getting a bunch of addicts together to go see the new movie... Would be fun... What do you think Stechie?
Anyone else has been Twilighted?


  1. I'm there in line for the movie with you!!!!

  2. ahhhhhhhh so happy you loved it! Yes it's a date! After all I was the enabeller...! I think we will need to rent a bus!

  3. I may also be convinced to stand in line for the next movie! LOL When I recently saw the trailer, it hooked me I'm embarrassed to admit! :D