Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We laughed so much that we almost peed in our pants in my brand-new van!

Good thing we stopped by the washroom before leaving, otherwise my 10 day’s old van would have been baptized... When we left the Scrapbook Centrale crop on Sunday night, we laughed so hard, we had to stop in a parking lot, where it took us at least 15 minutes calm down and stop laughing! My glasses were fogged up! We were both crying from laughing so hard! No make-up left (we probably had raccoon eyes)! Why? Maybe you had to be there.... because we got up at six, I filled my van with half of my scrapbooking stash (I have the room, why not? And I want to do a lot today!), we drove for 2 hours to get there, paid $75 for the day... and all we have to show for it is that we put pictures and embellishments on the 12 tiny pages (about 4X4 inches) of an exploding box (that was already built)... That’s it! Nothing else! Where did the day go? We had been waiting all year for this special day, like little kids at Christmas. And all we did was 12 tiny pages!

OK, it’s true that when we arrived we spent time looking through our goodie bag (filled with lots of cool stuff), we ate some snacks that were provided and examined the prize tables, and the material from Scrapbook Centrale that we could use. Then we looked at fishing papers and embellishments we brought, because we wanted to do a lot of pages of our husbands’ fishing trips. After that, we drove to the store (a mere 3 minutes from the crop), where we spent at least an hour and a lot of money. When we came back, it was time for lunch. And then, they gave us coupons for 2 for 1 at Second Cup, and since we can't pass a deal, we got back in the van to go there. On the way, we kind of got lost in a dollar store, where there wasn’t that much scrapbooking stuff. When we came back to the crop, there was a make and take, then snacks and games and draws. We walked around, looking at the beautiful things the other ladies were working on (because the others seemed to be scrapbooking - one lady even made 6 pages) and learning from them. We did a bit of scrapbooking.... Then, it was dinner, and more draws, and snacks and prizes... and suddenly it was 9PM. WHAT? It’s over already! But we had just found our groove and our mojo! Oh no! Time to go home!

And then we remembered that I had been very surprised that Linda brought so little to the crop, but in the end, she did not use most of it! So, let’s not talk about my truck load of stuff that I had to cart back home! This is why we laughed so much! It is so silly!

Oh yes, also Linda was VERY busy winning prizes : she won 7 times, no major prizes, but a lot of fun stuff. No sucky face for me, I won a respectable 4 times (small prizes).

Are we happy we went? Oh yes! Are we going back next year? Oh yes! Did we have fun? OH YES!

But now, I would like to find some time to scrap a bit, when I am finally done putting all my stuff away!


  1. i LOVE the look of the new blog - looks fabu!!!

    Did you order any wall decals????

  2. So happy you had fun in MTL! It was great seing you Friday! Passe une belle semaine! Sxx