Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Yay! I soooo love my new blog. It is so pretty. Thank you again and again WILNA! You rock!

Tomorrow I am celebrating NSD with my SIL (sister-in-law) Linda and we are going to the annual crop at Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal. Yay! I can't wait! We went last year and loved it. However, I hope we are luckier than last year and come back with some goodies! They have lots and lots of draws... but we were really not lucky. I will try not to have a sucky face tomorrow! Last year around 7 PM, I started making a sucky face because I swear everybody but Linda and I had won at least a couple of things! We eventually won little things at the end of the day. I would be happy with just a chocolate bar (at least it would keep me quiet for a little while)!
Celebrate NSD and keep smiling!


  1. eeeeeeeeee how was scrap centrale they rock!! I bet you had a blast...need to see pics of your work!!