Thursday, March 26, 2009

Were we had? Only God knows...

Yes, two posts on the same day. Don't ask!
The other day, my sister-and-law Linda and I went to Les Galeries de Hull (in Gatineau) to have a Shawarma dinner (they have the most scrumptious Shawarmas there - I am totally addicted - OK I admit, I am also addicted to chocolate and scrapbooking stuff, but I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!)

As we got out of the car we were accosted by an English-speaking young man. He was so happy because we spoke English. He proceeded to tell us that his wife was 8-months pregnant and that they did not have any food or money. He was supposed to receive a compensation cheque on the Monday. He had been to different charity organizations to get some food, but to no avail, apparently. He looked clean and drug-free. Since we did not want to give him money, we decided to take him to Market Fresh and get him some food. Linda had to give me the look, because I was on a roll and was going to fill that cart! So we loaded him with fruits, veggies, bread, juice, milk, etc., and gave him some money for meat. He was very thankful.

After, we wondered if we should tell our husbands, because they would say we were had. Those two brothers most often think alike!

We don’t know, one can never be sure. When we told the Shawarma guy what had just happened, he was full of wisdom: what counts is that we did something good for someone, and God knows about it - what the guy did with it is out of our hands and between himself and his conscience.

So we told our husbands and they both said we were had. I am still not sure. Maybe I want to believe we did something good. Were we had?

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do a good deed in this day and age and not have to doubt whether it was really needed or not? But listen to the wise Shawarma man, you did something VERY good and kind and that is all that matters.