Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She is baaack!

Good morning girls!
I know I have,t been a good blogger, but I had technical problems, and then went on vacation. Excuses, excuses!
I came back late Saturday night from a wonderful cruise in the Carribean. We had a BLAST! We went with my great friend Suzan since I was 6, her sister Hélène whom I have known for ever, and her husband Normand of 35+ years. It was in memory of their dear mother (my second mom) who passed away a year ago after a very long and nasty battle with cancer. We shared many fond memories of her, a few tears and lots of toasts to the fantastic person she was and is still in our hearts.
Did I say toasts? Hmmmmm! When we were in Fort Lauderdale before our departure, Normand and my husband were in charge of getting wine and champagne, while us girls went hunting for a second suitcase for Hélène (one needs room to bring back stuff, especially when it's your first trip South and you are a cruise virgin!) Did the guys take their task to heart? Oh yes! They bought so much stuff, that at some point we had to start drinking in the morning (champagne and orange juice, no less!) in order to go through the wine cellar! Poor us!

We visited Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel and Princess Cays (resort of Princess Cruises on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas). We were not impressed with some aspects of Jamaica but loved everything else. More about that later....

My favorite memory is when we all went snorkelling together in Cozumel. We sailed on a catamaran to the snorkel site, got some instruction, and went in the water to discover the lovely fish that abound over there. We kept looking for each other to share our wonderment at the beauty of the ocean. After, we got back on the catamaran and sailed to a beach while drinking lots and lots of margaritas and cerveza! The beach was perfect with lots of activities, even a trampoline in the ocean, lots of fun, and places to relax, and more margaritas and beer! On the way back to the ship, we danced and acted silly and laughed and drank some more! I think that what I enjoyed the most was the freedom of being able to be as silly as you wish without being judged, the respect and the love in our group. It is very precious.

It was a total change of scenery and we all felt that we had been gone longer than 9 days.
More about the rest later. I have to finish unpacking... our luggage got here 2 days after us! Oh well, at least we got it. Tons of laundry to do!

When I figure out how to post pictures properly, I will inundate this blog! HA! HA!
Katie, I received your challenge and I will answer in another post (I have too many embarrasing moments, I could write a book!)
Have a great day girls!


  1. Happy that you are back home and that you had a great trip! Will email you this afternoon or pm! Hugs

  2. heaven, sailing on a catamaram....ahhhhhhhhhh...blue water.....mmmmm