Friday, April 17, 2009

A Special Saturday...

Tomorrow, I will attend the funeral of the father of a friend. It’s in the city where I was born. And I added 2 cemetery visits, because I guess it wasn't enough... I will visit the grave of my grand-father, my grand-mother and my aunt. And...

I will do something I have always wanted to do : visit my dad's grave. It is in another cemetery in that city. He passed away when I was 15. My mom was very angry with him and she never took us to visit his grave, at the time we lived 2 hours away. He doesn't even have a tombstone. I have been meaning to go for ever, but I very rarely visit that city, and when I do it's very rushed.

Well, I have decided to go this week-end. So I found the cemetery and phoned to find out where the grave is and got directions. I will bring him flowers, because I think he never got any, except on the day of his funeral 37 years ago... It will be very emotional, but I think it will be a good thing. When he passed away my heart broke and that part never mended. I loved him so much and still do. The rest of the family did not care much because he was an alcoholic and was very sick. But I always saw the dad I knew and loved as a little kid, not the sick man.

I know he lives on in my heart through my love, and I talk to him often.

So I guess, it’s no use to put on any make-up tommorrow and a big box of kleenex is in order.

I don’t dread this, I feel happy and serene about it.

Daddy, here I come.

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  1. contente que tu y vas, pour mettre peut-etre un peu plus de serenité dans tes souvenirs. gros bisous Sxx