Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Follow up from Saturday

I did it!
The information I had was perfect, I found the grave right away. It was nice to have flowers for him. It was very emotional.... I talked to my dad for a while. I also decided to get him a tombstone. It is never too late to do it right.

Later in the day, I realized that after the initial shock or upheaval, I felt very at peace and serene. I went to the funeral and focussed on the people there, instead of remembering my dad's funeral and being very upset. I may be done grieving... after 37 years. Time will tell...

Now I have to decide if I will tell my siblings about the tombstone, I may be opening a huge can of worms (no pun intended). They have mixed feelings. I guess if I were in their shoes, I would like to be informed and consulted. I think I will give them the opportunity to participate, while at the same time, I will entertain no expectations and will be prepared to do it on my own...

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