Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog problems, help me Stechie!

Hi Lovelies! (as our Diva Loca would say - I like that!)
I have been trying to upload pictures and nothing seems to work tonight. I even knew which ones I wanted to post, but I can't find the new pics... I am sure we uploaded them from the card last night. I guess I am computer challenged tonight or something...

Well, we had a lovely time in Maine : 2 weeks by the ocean... so relaxing. This place is my little piece of paradise, my source of energy. The ocean, the waves, the sun glittering and my wonderful family and friends. I love it all.

We have been going back to the same place for about 16 years, like old horses going back to the same stable. But it works for us, we relax, we forget about work and we reconnect with our inner kid... Ok, ok - I know, mine is never very far. We also eat lobster a lot, really. We go on a lobster diet or bender. I never get enough. We discovered last year that buying the lobster already chucked, picked, unshelled (what's the word - anyway, all fixed up and ready to eat) was less expensive than in the shell! Go figure! Since I hurt my arm, almost 10 years ago, Dave has been fixing it for me, so he is delighted -less work for him and more lobster in my tummy.
Apart from eating, we play in the waves, body surf or with a boogie board, read on the beach, build sandcastles, play with the kids on the beach and just relax and have a good time. The air is so pure and fresh. We fall asleep listening to the waves. We spend a lot of time on the beach, it's huge and wonderful.

And we came back to the craziness of building a house. Especially when it's in the first batch of a brand-new development and we bought on plans only, it is quite daunting at times, and frustrating and exciting too. It's coming along, today, the tiles were laid in the front hallway and bathroom (and probably in the master bath-we did not see, we could not go in because of the freshly laid tiles), the walls were painted and the kitchen was installed (less the counter top). Yeah! The kitchen seems to looks like I had imagined - that's so great - well, we sneaked a look through the back French doors and had to go up some kind of scaffolding - I am being very careful - klutzy me wants to be able to move.)

We are supposed to move next Tuesday. The packing is coming along, mostly thanks to the Tasmanian devil of packing (or the Pacmanian devil as I started to say - it's quicker!!!!) I have done my share, but he is the KING of packing. That's very nice.

I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong about the pictures, Stechie please help!
Good night

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  1. Coucou!
    il est 11h20 pm je viens de voir ton appel a l'aide!
    Je suis partie toute la journee demain, mais ecris moi un courriel avec ton# de tel et je vais t'appeler demain soir!
    Gros bisous!